Target Menu Options (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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The options on the Target menu enable you to download a run-time image to a target device for debugging and testing.

The following options are available.

Attach DeviceUse to connect the development workstation to the target device, download a run-time image to the target device, and then boot the device.
Detach DeviceUse to disconnect the development workstation from the target device.
Reset DeviceUse to reset the target device.
Run ProgramsUse to select an application to run on the target device.
CE Debug ZonesUse to open the Debug Zones dialog box.
CE Target ControlUse to open the CE Target Control Window.
CE ProcessesUse to open the Processes window.
CE ThreadsUse to open the Threads window.
CE Modules and SymbolsUse to open the Modules and Symbols window.
CE ExceptionsUse to open the Exceptions dialog box.
Connectivity OptionsUse to select and configure a remote connection to a target device. For more information, see Target Connectivity Options Dialog Box.
Debug Message OptionsUse to configure options for debug message output.

For more information, see Debug Message Options Dialog Box.

Release Directory ModulesUse to select modules to load from the release directory onto the target device.

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