Microsoft CRM Object Model

CRM 1.0

This section covers the object model for the Microsoft® Business Solutions CRM platform. The object model illustrates the developer's view of the business and service objects. The following describes the core objects used by all Microsoft CRM developers, such as Contact, Account, Lead, and Opportunity. This section describes the logical view of Microsoft CRM, capturing the known set of core relationships and behaviors.

Extensible Schema

The schema for the Microsoft CRM objects is extensive enough to cover common data. However, there will be some business-specific data that the user might want to store along with the customer data. To enable this, Microsoft CRM allow you, as well as end-users, to add custom fields. The following objects have an extensible schema:

  • Account
  • Competitor
  • Contact
  • Contract
  • ContractDetail
  • CustomerAddress
  • Incident
  • Invoice
  • InvoiceDetail
  • Lead
  • Opportunity
  • OpportunityProduct
  • Product
  • Quote
  • QuoteDetail
  • SalesLiterature
  • SalesOrder
  • SalesOrderDetail

For more information about extending the database schema, see Microsoft CRM Deployment Manager Help.

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