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CRM 1.0

A license is a set of Microsoft CRM application functionalities that an organization purchases. Licensing controls which privileges are enabled in a deployment. Each license type is associated with a group of privileges. A license for each module applies organization-wide, not only on a per-user basis.

The following table describes the class of the license objects.

Class Description
CRMLicense Contains methods for managing licenses

The following are the types of Microsoft CRM licenses:

  • Microsoft CRM Sales Standard
  • Microsoft CRM Sales Professional
  • Microsoft CRM Customer Service Standard
  • Microsoft CRM Customer Service Professional
  • Microsoft CRM Suite Standard
  • Microsoft CRM Suite Professional

The license filters the role privileges allowed for the users in an organization. See License features for a detailed description of how the license affects the privileges available for each object in the system.

A license can be updated. For example, a license can be updated from Suite Standard to Suite Professional, or for a deployment from 10 users to 1000 users. This upgrade is done by calling the CRMLicense.AddDeploymentLicense API. You do not need to remove the old license before adding the new one.

When a user is disabled, the license is still valid for that user. If you wish to reuse the license for a different user, you must first call CRMLicense.RevokeUserLicense and then call BizUser.Disable.

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