Integration into the Main Navigation Pane

CRM 1.0

You can add side tabs to the main navigation pane (on the left) in each module: Home, Workplace, Sales, Service, and Reports. The first figure shows three side tabs added to the main navigation bar in the Home module (ISV Test 1, ISV Test 2, and ISV Test 3). When a user clicks one of these side tabs, the URL opens in the same window, in the grid area. Each module has a section in the configuration file. For more information, see Areas, Home, Workplace, Sales, Service, and Reports.

Integration into the main navigation pane

Adding a side tab to the navigation pane automatically adds a parallel menu item to the GoTo menu on the global menu bar. These menu items are added into the sub-menu for the appropriate section, at the bottom of the sub-menu. The following figure shows the menu items for the ISV Test side tabs.

Integration into the GoTo menu

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