Error Codes

CRM 1.0

When you use the Microsoft CRM SDK, you call the APIs through the SOAP interface. The following code sample shows how to catch any errors that occur:


catch (System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException err)
   strErrorMsg = String.Concat("ErrorMessage: ", err.Message, " ",
                        err.Detail.OuterXml, " Source: ", err.Source);

This code produces the following output when an error occurs (formatting added for readability):

Soap Exception Detail (Detail.OuterXml): 
      <description>An unexpected error occurred.</description>
      <details>The 'operator' attribute must be present on a 'filter' tag.</details>

The following table lists the error codes returned from Microsoft CRM SDK methods.

Error ID Hex Description
IDS_REQUIREDFIELDMISSING 80040200 Required field missing.
IDS_INVALID_XML 80040201 Invalid XML.
IDS_EMPTY_XML 80040202 Empty XML.
IDS_INVALIDARG 80040203 Invalid argument.
IDS_INVALID_USERAUTH 80040204 Invalid user authentication parameter.
IDS_INVALID_PARENT 80040205 Invalid parent object.
IDS_INVALID_PARENTID 80040206 Invalid parent ID.
IDS_INVALID_USERID 80040207 Invalid user ID.
IDS_INVALID_TEAMID 80040208 Invalid team ID.
IDS_INVALID_BUSINESSID 80040209 Invalid business unit ID.
IDS_INVALID_ORGID 8004020A Invalid organization ID.
IDS_INVALID_ITEMID 8004020B Invalid item ID.
IDS_INVALID_SHAREEID 8004020C Invalid ID for the user or team that is shared.
IDS_INVALID_ACCESSRIGHTS 8004020D Invalid access rights.
IDS_INVALID_VISIBILITY 8004020E Invalid visibility.
IDS_FAILURE_INITTOKEN 8004020F Failure in obtaining user token.
IDS_INVALID_ASSIGNEEID 80040210 Invalid assignee ID.
IDS_INVALID_ASSOCIATION 80040211 Invalid association.
IDS_INVALID_OWNINGUSER 80040212 Item does not have an owning user.
IDS_INVALID_VISIBILITY_MODIFICATION_ACCESS 80040213 User does not have access to modify the visibility of this item.
IDS_CANNOT_SHARE_OBJECT_WITH_OWNER 80040214 An item cannot be shared with the owning user or a user belonging to the owning team.
IDS_MISSING_OWNER 80040215 Item does not have an owner.
IDS_UNEXPECTED 80040216 An unexpected error occurred.
IDS_OBJECT_DOES_NOT_EXIST 80040217 The specified object was not found.
IDS_INVALID_POINTER 80040218 The output pointer was invalid.
IDS_NOT_IMPLEMENTED 80040219 The requested functionality is not yet implemented.
IDS_MISSING_BUSINESSID 8004021A The business ID is missing.
IDS_MISSING_USERID_OR_TEAMID 8004021B The user ID or the team ID is missing.
IDS_PRESENT_USERID_AND_TEAMID 8004021C Both the user ID and team ID are present. Only one should be present.
IDS_INVALID_USERID_OR_BUSINESSID_OR_USERS_BUSINESS_INVALID 8004021D One of the following occurred: invalid user ID, invalid business unit ID, or the user does not belong to the business unit.
IDS_CANNOT_GRANT_OR_REVOKE_ACCESS_TO_BUSINESS 8004021E Cannot grant or revoke access rights to a business unit.
IDS_INVALID_OBJECT_TYPE 8004021F Invalid object type.
IDS_PRIVILEGE_DENIED 80040220 The user does not hold the necessary privileges.
IDS_CANNOT_ASSIGN_TO_BUSINESS 80040221 Cannot assign an object to a business unit.
IDS_OUTOFMEMORY 80040222 Out of memory.
IDS_ONLY_OWNER_CAN_REVOKE 80040223 Only the owner of an object can revoke the owner's access to that object.
IDS_SERVICE_NOT_RUNNING 80040224 The Microsoft CRM Security Service has not been started.
IDS_USER_NOT_ENABLED 80040225 The specified user is either disabled or is not a member of any business unit.
IDS_ANONYMOUS_ENABLED 80040226 The logged-on user was not found in Active Directory.
IDS_CANNOT_DELETE_OBJECT_BECAUSE_OF_ASSOTIATION 80040227 The object you tried to delete is associated with another object and cannot be deleted.
IDS_CANNOT_DELETE_OBJECT_BECAUSE_IT_IS_READ_ONLY 80040228 The object cannot be deleted because it is read-only.
IDS_INVALID_OWNERID 80040229 The owner ID was invalid.
IDS_AD_OBJECT_ALREADY_EXISTS 8004022A An object with the specified name already exists in Active Directory.
IDS_OWNER_NOT_ENABLED 8004022B The specified owner has been disabled.
IDS_DATA_OUTOFRANGE 8004022C Data out of range.
IDS_INVALID_CUSTOMER 8004022D The customer is invalid.
IDS_CANNOT_UPDATE_OBJECT_BECAUSE_IT_IS_READ_ONLY 8004022E The object cannot be updated because it is read-only.
IDS_OPPORTUNITY_DOES_NOT_EXIST 80040500 The opportunity does not exist.
IDS_LEAD_DOES_NOT_EXIST 80040501 The lead does not exist.
IDS_ACCOUNT_DOES_NOT_EXIST 80040502 The account does not exist.
IDS_CONTACT_DOES_NOT_EXIST 80040503 The contact does not exist.
IDS_OPPORTUNITY_INVALID_PARENT 80040504 The parent of an opportunity must be an account or contact.
IDS_OPPORTUNITY_MISSING_PARENT 80040505 The parent of the opportunity is missing.
IDS_ACCOUNT_LOOP_EXISTS 80040506 A loop exists in the accounts hierarchy.
IDS_ACCOUNT_LOOP_BEING_CREATED 80040507 Creating this parental association would create a loop in the accounts hierarchy.
IDS_PRESENT_PARENTACCOUNT_AND_PARENTCONTACT 80040508 You can either specify a contact's parent contact or its account, but not both.
IDS_CONTACT_LOOP_EXISTS 80040509 A loop exists in the contacts hierarchy.
IDS_CONTACT_LOOP_BEING_CREATED 8004050A Creating this parental association would create a loop in the contacts hierarchy.
IDS_LEAD_NO_PARENT 8004050B The lead does not have a parent.
IDS_LEAD_NOT_ASSIGNED 8004050C The lead has not been assigned.
IDS_LEAD_USER_CANNOT_REJECT 8004050D The user does not have the privilege to reject a lead, so he cannot be assigned the lead for acceptance.
IDS_OPPORTUNITY_ONE_ACCOUNT 8004050E An opportunity can be associated with only one account.
IDS_OPPORTUNITY_ORPHAN 8004050F Removing this association will make the opportunity an orphan.
IDS_LEAD_ONE_ACCOUNT 80040510 A lead can be associated with only one account.
IDS_ACCOUNT_HAS_CHILD_OPPORTUNITIES 80040511 The account has child opportunities.
IDS_CONTACT_HAS_CHILD_OPPORTUNITIES 80040512 The contact has child opportunities.
IDS_LEAD_NOT_ASSIGNED_TO_CALLER 80040513 The lead is not being assigned to the caller for acceptance.
IDS_CUSTOMERADDRESS_TYPE_INVALID 80040514 Invalid customer address type.
IDS_OPPORTUNITY_IS_ALREADY_CLOSED 80040515 The opportunity is already closed.
IDS_OPPORTUNITY_CANNOT_BE_CLOSED 80040516 The opportunity cannot be closed.
IDS_JOURNALING_INVALID_RECIPIENT_TYPE 80040800 An invalid recipient type was specified.
IDS_JOURNALING_UNSUPPORTED_OBJECT_TYPE 80040801 Unsupported type of objects passed in operation.
IDS_JOURNALING_MISSING_EVENT_DIRECTION 80040802 Event direction code is missing.
IDS_JOURNALING_INVALID_EVENT_TYPE 80040803 Invalid event type.
IDS_JOURNALING_MISSING_EVENT_TYPE 80040804 Event type is missing.
IDS_JOURNALING_MISSING_LEAD_ID 80040805 Lead ID is missing.
IDS_JOURNALING_MISSING_ACCOUNT_ID 80040806 Account ID is missing.
IDS_JOURNALING_MISSING_OPPORTUNITY_ID 80040807 Opportunity ID is missing.
IDS_JOURNALING_MISSING_CONTACT_ID 80040808 Contact ID is missing.
IDS_JOURNALING_MISSING_INCIDENT_ID 80040809 Incident ID is missing.
IDS_COMMUNICATIONS_NOPARTYADDRESS 80040B00 The object address was not found on the party or the party is marked as no e-mail.
IDS_COMMUNICATIONS_BADSENDER 80040B01 More than one sender specified.
IDS_COMMUNICATIONS_NOSENDER 80040B02 No e-mail address was specified, and the calling user does not have an e-mail address set.
IDS_COMMUNICATIONS_NOMSCRMKEY 80040B03 The Microsoft CRM key (mscrm) was not found in the registry.
IDS_COMMUNICATIONS_NOMAILSERVERURL 80040B04 The mail server URL was not set in the registry. "HKLM\Software\Microsoft\MSCRM\mailserverurl"
IDS_COMMUNICATIONS_NORECIPIENTS 80040B05 At least one system user or queue in the organization must be a recipient.
IDS_COMMUNICATIONS_NOPARTICIPATIONMASK 80040B06 The participation type is missing from an activity.
IDS_COMMUNICATIONS_NOSENDERADDRESS 80040B08 The sender does not have an e-mail address on the party record.
IDS_METADATA_NOENTITY 80040E00 The specified entity does not exist.
IDS_METADATA_NOMAPPING 80040E01 The mapping between specified entities does not exist.
IDS_QUERYBUILDER_INVALIDUPDATE 80041100 An attempt was made to update a field that cannot be updated.
IDS_QUERYBUILDER_UNEXPECTED 80041101 An unexpected error occurred.
IDS_QUERYBUILDER_NOENTITY 80041102 The specified entity was not found.
IDS_QUERYBUILDER_NOATTRIBUTE 80041103 The specified attribute does not exist on this entity.
IDS_QUERYBUILDER_NO_PRIMARY_KEY 80041104 No primary key was found for the specified entity.
IDS_QUERYBUILDER_MULTI_PRIMARY_KEY 80041105 Found an unexpected multiple-column primary key.
IDS_QUERYBUILDER_BAD_CONDITION 80041106 Incorrect filter condition or conditions.
IDS_QUERYBUILDER_ATTRIBUTE_WITH_AGGREGATE 80041107 Attributes cannot be returned when aggregate operation is specified.
IDS_QUERYBUILDER_INVALID_VALUE 80041108 Invalid value specified for type.
IDS_QUERYBUILDER_INVALID_ALIAS 80041109 Invalid alias for aggregate operation.
IDS_ROLES_INVALID_ROLE_DATA 80041400 The role data is invalid.
IDS_ROLES_INVALID_ROLE_ID 80041401 Invalid role ID.
IDS_ROLES_ROLE_DOES_NOT_EXIST 80041402 The specified role does not exist.
IDS_ROLES_ROLE_ALREADY_EXISTS 80041403 A role with the specified name already exists.
IDS_ROLES_INVALID_TEMPLATE_ID 80041404 Invalid role template ID.
IDS_ROLES_MISS_ROLEID 80041405 The role ID was unexpectedly missing.
IDS_ROLES_MISS_BUSINESSID 80041406 The role's business unit ID was unexpectedly missing.
IDS_ROLES_MISS_ROLE_NAME 80041407 The role name was unexpectedly missing.
IDS_ROLES_MISS_PRIVID 80041408 The privilege ID was unexpectedly missing.
IDS_ROLES_USER_IN_WRONG_BIZ 80041409 The user belongs to a different business unit than the role.
IDS_ROLES_INVALID_ROLE_NAME 8004140A The role name is invalid.
IDS_ROLES_INVALID_DEPTH 8004140B Invalid privilege depth.
IDS_ROLES_DELETE_NONPARENT_ROLE 8004140C Cannot delete a role that is inherited from a parent business.
IDS_NOTES_NOTE_DOES_NOT_EXIST 80041700 The specified note does not exist.
IDS_NOTES_ALREADY_ATTACHED 80041701 The specified note is already attached to an object.
IDS_NOTES_LOOP_EXISTS 80041702 A loop exists in the annotation hierarchy.
IDS_NOTES_LOOP_BEING_CREATED 80041703 Creating this parental association would create a loop in the annotation hierarchy.
IDS_NOTES_NO_ATTACHMENT 80041704 The specified note has no attachments.
IDS_XML_INVALID_ENTITY_NAME 80041A00 The entity name specified is incorrect.
IDS_XML_INVALID_CREATE 80041A01 A field that is not valid for create was specified.
IDS_XML_INVALID_UPDATE  80041A02 A field that is not valid for update was specified.
IDS_XML_INVALID_COLLECTION_NAME 80041A03 The collection name specified is incorrect.
IDS_XML_PARSE_ERROR 80041A04 A parse error was encountered in the XML.
IDS_XML_UNEXPECTED 80041A05 An unexpected error has occurred.
IDS_XML_INVALID_ENTITY_ATTRIBUTES 80041A06 Invalid attributes.
IDS_XML_INVALID_FIELD 80041A07 An invalid value was passed in for a field.
IDS_XML_INVALID_READ 80041A08 A field that is not valid for read was specified.
IDS_BIZMGMT_MISS_BUSINESS_NAME 80041D00 The business name was unexpectedly missing.
IDS_BIZMGMT_MISS_USER_DOMAINNAME 80041D01 The user's domain name was unexpectedly missing.
IDS_BIZMGMT_MISS_PARENT_BUSINESS 80041D02 The parent business was unexpectedly missing.
IDS_BIZMGMT_DEFAULTUSER_NOT_IN_BUSINESS 80041D03 The default user is not in the business.
IDS_BIZMGMT_BUSINESS_PARENT_DIFF_MERCHANT 80041D04 The business unit is not in the same merchant as the parent business unit.
IDS_BIZMGMT_USER_CAN_NOT_BE_OWN_PARENT 80041D06 The user cannot be its own parent user.
IDS_BIZMGMT_USER_NOT_IN_PARENT_HIERARCHY 80041D07 The user is not in the parent user's business unit hierarchy.
IDS_BIZMGMT_MISS_TEAM_CAPTAIN 80041D08 The team captain ID was unexpectedly missing.
IDS_BIZMGMT_MISS_TEAM_BUSINESS 80041D09 The team business unit ID was unexpectedly missing.
IDS_BIZMGMT_TEAM_CAPTAIN_IN_DIFF_MERCHANT 80041D0A The team captain is not in the same merchant as the team business unit.
IDS_BIZMGMT_MISS_TEAM_NAME 80041D0B The team name was unexpectedly missing.
IDS_BIZMGMT_TEAM_PARENT_DIFF_MERCHANT 80041D0C The team is not in the same merchant as the parent business unit.
IDS_BIZMGMT_CAN_NOT_REMOVE_TEAM_CAPTAIN 80041D0D The team captain cannot be removed.
IDS_BIZMGMT_MISS_PRIMARY_BUSINESS 80041D0E The partnership primary business unit was unexpectedly missing.
IDS_BIZMGMT_MISS_PARTNER_BUSINESS 80041D0F The partnership partner business unit was unexpectedly missing.
IDS_BIZMGMT_PRIMARY_SAME_AS_PARTNER 80041D10 The primary business unit is the same as the partner business unit.
IDS_BIZMGMT_PARTNERSHIP_ALREADY_EXISTS 80041D11 A partnership between the specified primary business unit and partner business unit already exists.
IDS_BIZMGMT_CALLER_NOT_IN_PRIMARY_BUSINESS 80041D12 The caller is not from the primary business unit.
IDS_BIZMGMT_DEFAULTUSER_NOT_IN_PRIMARY_BUSINESS 80041D13 The default user is not from the primary business unit.
IDS_BIZMGMT_CALLER_NOT_IN_PARTNER_BUSINESS 80041D14 The caller is not from the partner business unit.
IDS_BIZMGMT_DEFAULTUSER_NOT_IN_PARTNER_BUSINESS 80041D15 The default user is not from the partner business unit.
IDS_BIZMGMT_PARTNERSHIP_NOT_IN_PENDING_STATUS 80041D16 The partnership has been accepted or declined.
IDS_BIZMGMT_CAN_NOT_REMOVE_PARTNERSHIP_DEFAULTUSER 80041D17 The default user of a partnership cannot be removed.
IDS_BIZMGMT_CAN_NOT_DELETE_BUSINESS 80041D18 This is a sub-business. Use IBizMerchant::Delete to delete a sub-business.
IDS_BIZMGMT_CAN_NOT_DELETE_PROVISION 80041D19 This is a provisioned root business. Use IBizProvision::Delete to delete this root business.
IDS_BIZMGMT_CAN_NOT_DISABLE_BUSINESS 80041D1A This is a sub-business. Use IBizMerchant::Disable to disable this sub-business.
IDS_BIZMGMT_CAN_NOT_DISABLE_PROVISION 80041D1B This is a provisioned root business. Use IBizProvision::Disable to disable this root business.
IDS_BIZMGMT_CAN_NOT_ENABLE_BUSINESS 80041D1C This is a sub-business. Use IBizMerchant::Enable to enable this sub-business.
IDS_BIZMGMT_CAN_NOT_ENABLE_PROVISION 80041D1D This is a provisioned root business. Use IBizProvision::Enable to enable this root business.
IDS_BIZMGMT_USER_DOES_NOT_HAVE_PARENT 80041D1E This user does not have a parent user.
IDS_BIZMGMT_INVALID_USERID 80041D1F The user ID is invalid.
IDS_BIZMGMT_BUSINESS_LOOP_EXISTS 80041D20 Loop exists in the business hierarchy.
IDS_BIZMGMT_BUSINESS_LOOP_BEING_CREATED 80041D21 Creating this parental association would create a loop in the business hierarchy.
IDS_BIZMGMT_CHILDBUSINESS_DOES_NOT_EXIST 80041D22 The child business unit ID is invalid.
IDS_BIZMGMT_PARENTBUSINESS_DOES_NOT_EXIST 80041D23 The parent business unit ID is invalid.
IDS_BIZMGMT_USER_LOOP_EXISTS 80041D24 Loop exists in the user hierarchy.
IDS_BIZMGMT_USER_LOOP_BEING_CREATED 80041D25 Creating this parental association would create a loop in the user hierarchy.
IDS_BIZMGMT_CHILDUSER_DOES_NOT_EXIST 80041D26 The child user ID is invalid.
IDS_BIZMGMT_PARENTUSER_DOES_NOT_EXIST 80041D27 The parent user ID is invalid.
IDS_BIZMGMT_CAN_NOT_MOVE_ROOT_TEAM_CAPTAIN 80041D28 The captain of the root business unit's team cannot be moved.
IDS_BIZMGMT_NO_PARENTBUSINESS 80041D29 The specified business unit does not have a parent business.
IDS_BIZMGMT_USER_NOT_IN_ACTIVEDIRECTORY 80041D2A The user does not exist in Active Directory.
IDS_BIZMGMT_USER_SETTINGS_NOT_CREATED 80041D2B The specified user's settings have not yet been created.
IDS_BIZMGMT_USER_ALREADY_EXISTS 80041D2C The specified Active Directory user already exists as a Microsoft CRM user.
IDS_BIZMGMT_CANNOT_READ_ACCOUNT_CONTROL 80041D2D Insufficient permissions to the specified Active Directory user. Contact your system administrator.
IDS_PROPBAG_PROPERTY_NOT_FOUND 80042000 The specified property was not found in the property bag.
IDS_PROPBAG_NO_INTERFACE 80042001 The property bag interface could not be found.
IDS_PROPBAG_NULL_PROPERTY 80042002 The specified property was null in the property bag.
IDS_PROPBAGCOLL_OUT_OF_RANGE 8004201E The bag index in the collection was out of range.
IDS_RSPROPBAG_DBINFO_NOT_SET 8004203C The database information for the recordset property bag has not been set.
IDS_RSPROPBAG_DBINFO_ALREADY_SET 8004203D The database information for the recordset property bag has already been set.
IDS_PROPBAG_ATTRIBUTE_NOT_NULLABLE 8004203E One of the attributes passed cannot be NULL.
IDS_DATAACCESS_UNEXPECTED 80042300 Unexpected error in data access.  The database connection may not have been opened successfully.
IDS_WORKFLOW_PROCESS_INSTANCE_IS_NOT_ACTIVE 80042600 Workflow process instance is terminated.
IDS_WORKFLOW_PROPERTY_NOT_FOUND 80042601 Expression property not found.
IDS_WORKFLOW_PROCESS_INSTANCE_IS_NOT_COMPLETE 80042602 Workflow process instance is not terminated.
IDS_WORKFLOW_RUNNING_INSTANCES_EXIST 80042603 There are still running instances for this process.
IDS_WORKFLOW_PROCESS_IS_ACTIVE 80042604 The process is activated. You cannot update an activated process.
IDS_WORKFLOW_PROCESS_NOT_ACTIVE 80042605 The process is not activated.
IDS_WORKFLOW_CANNOT_CLONE_FORUPDATE 80042606 Cannot clone a process for update if the process has not been put in production.
IDS_WORKFLOW_PROCESS_CANNOT_DELETE_INIT_STEP 80042607 Cannot delete the initial step of the process.
IDS_WORKFLOW_ILLEGAL_CONDITIONID_IN_ACTION_PARAMETER 80042608 Action parameter cannot contain a condition ID.
IDS_WORKFLOW_ILLEGAL_ACTIONID_IN_CONDITION_PARAMETER 80042609 Condition parameter cannot contain an action ID.
IDS_WORKFLOW_INVALID_EVENTYPECODE 8004260A Invalid event type code.
IDS_WORKFLOW_PARAMETER_INVALID_REFACTIONID 8004260D Invalid refactionid. The refactionid does not point to a defined action in the process.
IDS_WORKFLOW_MISSING_PARAMETERTYPE 8004260E Missing parameter type.
IDS_WORKFLOW_INVALID_PARAMETERTYPE 8004260F Invalid parameter type.
IDS_WORKFLOW_INVALID_DATATYPE 80042610 Invalid data type.
IDS_WORKFLOW_MISSING_CONDITIONTYPE 80042611 Missing condition type code.
IDS_WORKFLOW_INVALID_CONDITIONTYPE 80042612 Invalid condition type.
IDS_WORKFLOW_MISSING_RULETYPE 80042613 Missing rule type.
IDS_WORKFLOW_INVALID_RULETYPE 80042614 Invalid rule type.
IDS_WORKFLOW_INVALID_NEXTSTEPID 80042616 Invalid nextstepid. The nextstepid does not point to a defined step in the process.
IDS_WORKFLOW_PARAMETER_MISSING_VALUE 80042618 Value missed in parameter.
IDS_WORKFLOW_PARAMETER_MISSING_ATTRIBUTEID 80042619 AttributeId missed in parameter.
IDS_WORKFLOW_PARAMETER_MISSING_REFACTIONID 8004261C RefActionId missed in parameter.
IDS_WORKFLOW_ONLY_ONE_ACTIVE_PROCESS 8004261D Only one active process allowed for each entity type.
IDS_WORKFLOW_MISSING_ENTITYTYPE 8004261E Missing entitytype.
IDS_WORKFLOW_INVALID_ENTITYTYPE 8004261F Invalid entitytype in the XML.
IDS_WORKFLOW_MISSING_PROCESSTYPECODE 80042620 Missing processtypecode in the XML.
IDS_WORKFLOW_INVALID_PROCESSTYPECODE 80042621 Invalid processtypecode in the XML.
IDS_WORKFLOW_ILLEGAL_NEXTSTEPID 80042622 Illegal nextstepid. Either nextstepid is not compatible with rule type, or rule type is missed.
IDS_WORKFLOW_PARAMETER_ILLEGAL_VALUE 80042628 Parameter value is not valid. Either setting parameter value is not compatible with parameter type, or parameter type is missing.
IDS_WORKFLOW_PARAMETER_ILLEGAL_ATTRIBUTEID 80042629 Parameter attributeid is not valid. Either setting parameter attributeid is not compatible with parameter type, or parameter type is missed.
IDS_WORKFLOW_PARAMETER_ILLEGAL_REFACTIONID 8004262C Parameter refactionid is not valid. Either setting parameter refactionid is not compatible with parameter type, or parameter type is missed.
IDS_WORKFLOW_PARAMETER_INVALID_PARENTID 8004262E Invalid parentid. The parameter parentid does not point to a defined parameter for the same condition or action.
IDS_WORKFLOW_PARAMETER_MISSING_OBJECTID 8004262F ObjectId missing in parameter.
IDS_WORKFLOW_PARAMETER_ILLEGAL_OBJECTID 80042630 Parameter ObjectId is not valid. Either setting parameter objectid is not compatible with parameter type, or parameter type is missed.
IDS_WORKFLOW_MISSING_EVENTTYPECODE 80042631 Missing event type code.
IDS_WORKFLOW_MISSING_ACTIONTYPECODE 80042632 Missing action type code.
IDS_WORKFLOW_INVALID_ACTIONTYPECODE 80042633 Invalid action type code.
IDS_WORKFLOW_MISSING_CONDITIONID_IN_CONDITION_PARAMETER 80042634 Missing conditionid in condition parameter.
IDS_WORKFLOW_MISSING_ACTIONID_IN_ACTION_PARAMETER 80042635 Missing actionid in action parameter.
IDS_WORKFLOW_CANNOT_ACTIVATE_PROCESS_TEMPLATE 80042636 Cannot activate/deactivate a process template.
IDS_WORKFLOW_ONLY_ONE_ACTIVE_SALES_PROCESS 80042637 Only one active sales process allowed.
IDS_WORKFLOW_CANNOT_DEACTIVATE_PROCESS_TEMPLATE 80042638 Cannot activate/deactivate a process template.
IDS_WORKFLOW_MISSING_INITIALSTEPID 80042639 Missing initialstepid.
IDS_WORKFLOW_INVALID_INITIALSTEPID 8004263A Invalid initialstepid.
IDS_WORKFLOW_MISSING_USERCONTEXT 8004263B Missing user context.
IDS_WORKFLOW_FAILED_LAUNCH_PROCESS 8004263C Failed to start process.
IDS_WORKFLOW_PROCESS_INSTANCE_NOT_IDS_WORKFLOW_EXIST 8004263D Process instance does not exist.
IDS_WORKFLOW_ACTION_INVALID_STEPID 8004263E Action has an invalid step ID.
IDS_WORKFLOW_RULE_INVALID_STEPID 8004263F Rule has an invalid step ID.
IDS_WORKFLOW_CONDITION_INVALID_RULEID 80042640 Condition has an invalid rule ID.
IDS_WORKFLOW_PARAMETER_INVALID_ACTIONID 80042641 Parameter has an invalid action ID.
IDS_WORKFLOW_PARAMETER_INVALID_CONDITIONID 80042642 Parameter has an invalid condition ID.
IDS_WORKFLOW_MORE_THAN_ONE_OBJECT_PROCESS_INSTANCE 80042643 Cannot start the object process because another object process instance has already run.
IDS_CP_USER_DOES_NOT_EXIST 80042900 The customer portal user does not exist, or the password was incorrect.
IDS_CP_BAD_PASSWORD 80042901 Incorrect password for the specified customer portal user.
IDS_CP_ENCRYPT_FAILED 80042902 Encryption of the supplied password failed.
IDS_CP_DECRYPT_FAILED 80042903 Decryption of the password failed.
IDS_EVAL_UPDATE_SHOULD_HAVE_3_PARAMETERS 80042C00 Update action should have 3 parameters.
IDS_EVAL_ASSIGN_SHOULD_HAVE_4_PARAMETERS 80042C01 Assign action should have 4 parameters.
IDS_EVAL_ALLABORTED 80042C02 Evaluation aborted and further processing has been stopped.
IDS_EVAL_ABORTED 80042C03 Evaluation aborted and further processing has been stopped.
IDS_EVAL_COMPLETED 80042C04 Evaluation completed.
IDS_EVAL_OBJECT_NOT_FOUND 80042C05 The required object does not exist.
IDS_EVAL_PROPERTY_NOT_FOUND 80042C06 The required property of the object was not found.
IDS_EVAL_METABASE_ENTITY_COMPOUND_KEYS 80042C07 The specified metabase object has compound keys. Compound-key entities are not currently supported.
IDS_EVAL_METABASE_ATTRIBUTE_NOT_FOUND 80042C08 The specified metabase attribute does not exist.
IDS_EVAL_PROPERTY_IS_NULL 80042C09 The required property of the object was not set.
IDS_EVAL_METABASE_ENTITY_NOT_MATCH_QUERY 80042C0A The specified refentityid does not match the query for a WFPM_SELECT parameter.
IDS_EVAL_METABASE_ATTRIBUTE_NOT_MATCH_QUERY 80042C0B The specified refattributeid does not match the query for a WFPM_SELECT parameter.
IDS_EVAL_ALLCOMPLETED 80042C0C Evaluation completed and further processing has been stopped.
IDS_EVAL_CHANGE_TYPE_ERROR 80042C0D Change type error.
IDS_EVAL_MISS_SELECT_QUERY 80042C0E Missing the query sub-parameter in a select parameter.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_ADD_PARAMETER 80042C0F An error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_ADD parameter.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_SUBTRACTION_PARAMETER 80042C10 An error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_SUBTRACTION parameter.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_MULTIPLICATION_PARAMETER 80042C11 An error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_MULTIPLICATION parameter.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_DIVISION_PARAMETERS 80042C12 Division parameter can have only two sub-parameters.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_DIVISION_PARAMETER 80042C13 An error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_DIVISION parameter.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_MODULUS_PARAMETERS 80042C14 Modulus parameter can have only two sub-parameters.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_MODULUS_PARAMETER 80042C15 An error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_MODULUS parameter.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_DIVIDED_BY_ZERO 80042C16 Divided by zero.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_CREATE_ACTIVITY 80042C17 Error in action create activity.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_ACTIVITY_ATTACHMENT 80042C18 Error in action activity attachment.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_HANDLE_ACTIVITY 80042C19 Error in action handle activity.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_UNHANDLE_ACTIVITY 80042C1A Error in action unhandle activity.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_CREATE_NOTE 80042C1B Error in action create note.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_NOTE_ATTACHMENT 80042C1C Error in action note attachment.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_CREATE_INCIDENT 80042C1D Error in action create incident.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_HANDLE_INCIDENT 80042C1E Error in action handle incident.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_UNHANDLE_INCIDENT 80042C1F Error in action unhandle incident.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_SEND_EMAIL 80042C20 Error in action send e-mail.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_EMAIL_TEMPLATE 80042C21 Error in action e-mail template.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_ASSIGN 80042C22 Error in action assign.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_UPDATE 80042C23 Error in action update.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_ROUTE 80042C24 Error in action route.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_SETSTATE 80042C25 Error in action set state.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_POSTURL 80042C26 Error in action post URL.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_EXEC 80042C27 Error in action execute.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_HALT 80042C28 Error in action halt.
IDS_EVAL_GENERIC_ERROR 80042C2A Evaluation error.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_ABS_PARAMETER 80042C2C An error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_ABS parameter.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_GT_PARAMETER 80042C2D An error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_GT parameter.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_GE_PARAMETER 80042C2E An error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_GE parameter.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_LT_PARAMETER 80042C2F An error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_LT parameter.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_LE_PARAMETER 80042C30 An error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_LE parameter.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_EQ_PARAMETER 80042C31 An error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_EQ parameter.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_NE_PARAMETER 80042C32 An error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_NE parameter.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_BETWEEN_PARAMETER 80042C33 An error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_BETWEEN parameter.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_IN_PARAMETER 80042C34 An error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_IN parameter.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_INVALID_RECIPIENT 80042C35 Invalid e-mail recipient.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_SUBSTR_PARAMETER 80042C36 Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_SUBSTR parameter.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_STRLEN_PARAMETER 80042C37 Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_STRLEN parameter.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_BEGIN_WITH_PARAMETER 80042C38 Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_BEGIN_WITH parameter.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_END_WITH_PARAMETER 80042C39 Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_END_WITH parameter.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_CONTAIN_PARAMETER 80042C3A Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_CONTAIN parameter.
IDS_LICENSE_INVALID_LICENSE 80042F00 The specified license type is invalid.
IDS_LICENSE_USER_RETRIEVE_FAILED 80042F01 Failed while retrieving user license information. Most likely a database error.
IDS_LICENSE_INVALID_FOR_USER 80042F02 The specified license is invalid for the user. There is a license conflict or the user has already been granted the license.
IDS_LICENSE_ID_RETRIEVE_FAILED 80042F03 Failed while retrieving the license ID. Most likely a database error.
IDS_LICENSE_NO_USER_LICENSE 80042F04 The specified license is not granted to the user.
IDS_LICENSE_ORG_RETRIEVE_FAILED 80042F05 Failed while retrieving organization license information. Most likely a database error.
IDS_LICENSE_INVALID_FOR_ORG 80042F06 The specified license is invalid for the organization. There is a license conflict or the organization has already been granted the license.
IDS_LICENSE_CANNOT_DELETE 80042F07 The license cannot be deleted. It is in use by one or more members of the organization.
IDS_LICENSE_INVALID_LICENSEKEY 80042F08 The license key is invalid.
IDS_LICENSE_NO_LICENSES 80042F09 The user has not been granted any licenses or the user has not been assigned any roles.
IDS_LICENSE_TOO_MANY_USERS 80042F0A The maximum number of users for this license has been reached.
IDS_LICENSE_INVALID_DEPLOYMENT 80042F0B The deployment has more licenses granted than were purchased.
IDS_LICENSE_WRONG_ORG 80042F0C Cannot retrieve license information for other organizations.
IDS_TIMEBOMB_EXPIRED 80042F0D The evaluation period for Microsoft CRM Beta has expired.
IDS_LICENSE_DOES_NOT_EXIST 80042F0E The specified license does not exist for this organization.
IDS_LICENSE_INVALID_UPGRADE_TYPE 80042F0F Cannot upgrade to specified license type.
IDS_LICENSE_INVALID_UPGRADE_COUNT 80042F10 Not enough licenses purchased to upgrade.
IDS_LICENSE_INVALID_VERSION 80042F11 License key has an invalid version number.
IDS_CONTRACT_UNEXPECTED 80043200 An unexpected error occurred in Contracts.
IDS_CONTRACT_ACCOUNTMISSING 80043201 Account is required to save a contract.
IDS_CONTRACT_INVALIDSTARTENDDATE 80043202 Start date/end date or billing start date/billing end date is invalid.
IDS_CONTRACT_INVALIDSTATE 80043203 The state of the contract is invalid.
IDS_CONTRACT_LINE_INVALIDSTATE 80043204 The state of the contract line item is invalid.
IDS_CONTRACT_INVALIDALLOTMENTTYPECODE 80043205 The allotment type code is invalid.
IDS_CONTRACT_TEMPLATE_DOES_NOT_EXIST 80043206 The contract template does not exist.
IDS_CONTRACT_DOES_NOT_EXIST 80043207 The contract does not exist.
IDS_CONTRACT_LINEITEM_DOES_NOT_EXIST 80043208 The contract line item does not exist.
IDS_CONTRACT_INVALIDDATETIME 80043209 The date/time is invalid.
IDS_CONTRACT_OPENCASESEXIST 8004320A There are open cases against this contract line item.
IDS_CONTRACT_NOLINEITEMS 8004320C There are no contract line items for this contract.
IDS_CONTRACT_INVALID_CUSTOMER 8004320D The customer of the contract is invalid.
IDS_CONTRACT_INVALID_SERVICE_ADDRESS 8004320E The service address of the contract is invalid.
IDS_CONTRACT_INVALID_BILLTO_ADDRESS 8004320F The bill-to address of the contract is invalid.
IDS_CONTRACT_INVALID_BILLTO_CUSTOMER 80043210 The bill-to customer of the contract is invalid.
IDS_CONTRACT_INVALID_CONTRACTTEMPLATE 80043211 The contract template is invalid.
IDS_CONTRACT_INVALID_OWNER 80043212 The owner of the contract is invalid.
IDS_CONTRACT_INVALID_CONTRACT 80043213 The contract is invalid.
IDS_CONTRACT_INVALID_TOTALALLOTMENTS 80043214 The totalallotments is invalid.
IDS_CONTRACT_INVALID_PRICE 80043215 The price is invalid.
IDS_CONTRACT_TEMPLATE_ABBREVIATIONEXISTS 80043216 The value for abbreviation already exists.
IDS_CONTRACT_INVALIDSTARTDATEFORRENEWEDCONTRACT 80043217 The start date of the renewed contract cannot be earlier than the end date of the originating contract.
IDS_CONTRACT_INVALIDSTARTENDDATESFORRENEWEDCONTRACT 80043218 The start date/end date of this renewed contract cannot overlap with any other invoiced/active contracts with the same contract number.
IDS_ACTIVITY_INVALID_STATE 80043500 Invalid activity state.
IDS_ACTIVITY_INVALID_TYPE 80043501 Invalid activity type code.
IDS_ACTIVITY_OBJECT_ID_OR_TYPE_MISSING 80043502 Activity regarding object ID or type is missing.
IDS_ACTIVITY_INVALID_OBJECT_TYPE 80043503 Activity regarding object type is invalid.
IDS_ACTIVITY_PARTY_OBJECT_ID_OR_TYPE_MISSING 80043504 Activity party object ID or type is missing.
IDS_ACTIVITY_INVALID_PARTY_OBJECT_TYPE 80043505 Activity party object type is invalid.
IDS_ACTIVITY_PARTY_OBJECT_TYPE_NOT_ALLOWED 80043506 Cannot create activity party of specified object type.
IDS_ACTIVITY_INVALID_REGARDING_OBJECT 80043507 Invalid activity regarding object; it probably does not exist.
IDS_ACTIVITY_INVALID_TIME_FORMAT 80043508 Invalid activity time; check format.
IDS_ACTIVITY_INVALID_DURATION 80043509 Invalid activity duration.
IDS_ACTIVITY_DURATION_DOES_NOT_MATCH 8004350A Activity duration does not match start/end time.
IDS_ACTIVITY_NOT_ROUTABLE 8004350B This type of activity is not routable.
IDS_SALESPEOPLE_EMPTY_SALESPERSON 80043800 Parent salesperson cannot be empty.
IDS_SALESPEOPLE_EMPTY_EFFECTIVEDATE 80043801 Fiscal calendar effective date cannot be empty.
IDS_SALESPEOPLE_DUPLICATE_CALENDAR_FOUND 80043802 Duplicate fiscal calendars found for this salesperson/year.
IDS_SALESPEOPLE_DUPLICATE_CALENDAR_NOT_ALLOWED 80043803 Fiscal calendar already exists for this salesperson/year.
IDS_SALESPEOPLE_INVALID_TERRITORY_OBJECT_TYPE 80043804 Territories cannot be retrieved by this kind of object.
IDS_SALESPEOPLE_MANAGER_NOT_ALLOWED 80043805 Territory manager cannot belong to other territory.
IDS_SALESPEOPLE_TERRITORY_NOT_EMPTY 80043806 There are users assigned to this territory.
IDS_SALESPEOPLE_INVALID_FISCALPERIOD_INDEX 80043807 Invalid fiscal period index.
IDS_SALESPEOPLE_INVALID_FISCALCALENDAR_TYPE 80043808 Invalid fiscal calendar type.
IDS_LOW_QUANTITY_LESS_THAN_ZERO 80043B00 The low quantity should be greater than zero.
IDS_LOW_QUANTITY_GREATER_THAN_HIGH_QUANTITY 80043B01 The low quantity should be less than high quantity.
IDS_DISCOUNT_RANGE_OVERLAP 80043B02 The new quantities overlap the range covered by existing quantities.
IDS_BASE_UNIT_NOT_DELETABLE 80043B03 The base unit of a schedule cannot be deleted.
IDS_CANNOT_DEACTIVATE_PRICE_LEVEL 80043B04 The price list cannot be deactivated because it is the default price list of an account, contact, or product.
IDS_PRODUCT_NOPRODUCTNUMBER 80043B05 The product number cannot be null.
IDS_PRODUCT_PRODUCTNUMBEREXISTS 80043B06 The product number already exists.
IDS_PRODUCT_INVALID_QUANTITY_DECIMAL 80043B07 The number of decimal places on the quantity is invalid.
IDS_DUPLICATE_PRODUCT_PRICE_LEVEL 80043B08 This product and unit combination has a price for this price list.
IDS_PARENT_READ_ONLY 80043B09 The parent is read-only and cannot be edited.
IDS_MISSING_UOMSCHEDULEID 80043B0A The unit schedule ID is missing.
IDS_INVALID_BASE_UNIT 80043B0B The base unit does not belong to the schedule.
IDS_SUBJECT_LOOP_EXISTS 80043E00 A loop exists in the subject hierarchy.
IDS_SUBJECT_LOOP_BEING_CREATED 80043E01 Creating this parental association would create a loop in the subject hierarchy.
IDS_SUBJECT_DOES_NOT_EXIST 80043E02 The subject does not exist.
IDS_QUEUE_MISSING_BUSINESSUNITID 80043E03 Missing businessunitid.
IDS_QUEUE_ORGANIZATION_NOT_MATCH 80043E04 The callers' organization ID does not match the business unit's organization ID.
IDS_ARTICLE_TEMPLATE_CONTAINS_ARTICLES 80043E05 Cannot change the Knowledge Base article template because there are knowledge base articles using it.
IDS_RCSYNC_INVALID_SYNCTIME 80044100 The specified synchronization time is invalid. Synchronization times must not be earlier than those returned by the previous synchronization. Please reinitialize your subscription.
IDS_RCSYNC_MSXML_FAILED 80044101 [No error message specified.]
IDS_RCSYNC_SOAP_GEN_FAILED 80044102 [No error message specified.]
IDS_RCSYNC_SOAP_CONN_FAILED 80044103 [No error message specified.]
IDS_RCSYNC_SOAP_SEND_FAILED 80044104 [No error message specified.]
IDS_RCSYNC_SOAP_SERVER_ERROR 80044105 [No error message specified.]
IDS_RCSYNC_SOAP_FAULT_ERROR 80044106 [No error message specified.]
IDS_RCSYNC_SOAP_READ_ERROR 80044107 [No error message specified.]
IDS_RCSYNC_SOAP_PARSE_ERROR 80044108 [No error message specified.]
IDS_RCSYNC_INVALID_SUBSCRIPTION 80044109 The specified subscription does not exist.
IDS_RCSYNC_SUBSCRIPTION_OWNER 8004410A The caller ID does not match the subscription owner ID. Only subscription owners may perform subscription operations.
IDS_RCSYNC_SQL_STOPPED_ERROR 8004410B [No error message specified.]
IDS_RCSYNC_SQL_PAUSED_ERROR 8004410c [No error message specified.]
IDS_INCIDENT_INVALID_CONTRACT_STATE_FOR_CREATE 80044400 The case cannot be created against this contract because of the contract state.
IDS_INCIDENT_MISSING_CONTRACT_DETAIL 80044401 The contract detail ID is missing.
IDS_INCIDENT_CONTRACT_DETAIL_DOES_NOT_MATCH_CONTRACT 80044402 The contract line item is not in the specified contract.
IDS_INCIDENT_CONTRACT_DOES_NOT_HAVE_ALLOTMENTS 80044403 The contract does not have enough allotments. The case cannot be created against this contract.
IDS_INCIDENT_INVALID_STATE 80044404 Incident state is invalid.
IDS_INCIDENT_ASSOCIATED_ACTIVITY_CORRUPTED 80044405 The activity associated with this case is corrupted.
IDS_INCIDENT_INVALID_ACTIVITYTYPECODE 80044406 The activitytypecode is invalid.
IDS_INCIDENT_NULL_ACTIVITYTYPECODE 80044407 The activitytypecode can't be NULL.
IDS_INCIDENT_MISSING_ACTIVITY_OBJECTTYPE 80044408 Missing object type code.
IDS_INCIDENT_CANNOT_CLOSE 8004440A The case cannot be closed because there are open activities for this case.
IDS_INCIDENT_INVALID_ALLOTMENT_TYPE 8004440B The allotment type for the contract is invalid.
IDS_INCIDENT_NULL_SPENT_TIME 8004440C The timespent can't be NULL.
IDS_INCIDENT_INVALID_CONTRACT_LINE_STATE_FOR_CREATE 8004440D The case cannot be created against this contract line item because the contract line item is canceled or expired.
IDS_INCIDENT_CANNOT_CANCEL 8004440E The case cannot be canceled because there are open activities for this case.
IDS_INCIDENT_PARENTACCOUNT_AND_PARENTCONTACT_PRESENT 8004440F You can either specify a parent contact or account, but not both.
IDS_INCIDENT_PARENTACCOUNT_AND_PARENTCONTACT_NOT_PRESENT 88044410 You should specify a parent contact or account.
IDS_CUSTOMIZATION_TRANSFORMATION_NOTSUPPORTED 80044700 Transformation is not supported for this object.
IDS_ATTACHMENT_CANNOT_OPEN_TEMPFILE   Cannot open temporary attachment file.
IDS_ATTACHMENT_CANNOT_GET_FILESIZE   Cannot get temporary attachment file size.
IDS_ATTACHMENT_INVALID_FILESIZE          Attachment file size is too big.
IDS_ATTACHMENT_CANNOT_READ_TEMPFILE   Cannot read temporary attachment file.
IDS_ATTACHMENT_IS_EMPTY   Attachment is empty.
IDS_ATTACHMENT_CANNOT_CREATE_TEMPFILE   Cannot create temporary attachment file.
IDS_ATTACHMENT_CANNOT_UNMAP_TEMPFILE   Cannot un-map temporary attachment file.
IDS_ATTACHMENT_CANNOT_TRUNCATE_TEMPFILE   Cannot truncate temporary attachment file.

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