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Data Requirements for Migration

CRM 1.0

Data in the entity tables must meet the following criteria for migration to succeed.

  • All fields marked as Required must have data.
  • Date/time fields must be in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).
  • Identifier fields must be integers.
  • If a field is marked IsRelationship and you want it to reference a record in another table, the value of the field must match a valid identifier from the other table.
  • All OwningUser and SalesRepId fields must have valid values from the cdf_SystemUser table.
  • All TerritoryID fields must have valid values from the cdf_Territory table.
  • The value in the integer field for a drop-down list must match a valid drop-down list value in Microsoft CRM. Drop-down lists in the CDF database have two fields: one text field and one integer field. Only the integer field is migrated.
  • StateCode and StatusCode data must be valid Microsoft CRM values. See StateCode and StatusCode Values.

The Microsoft CRM Data Migration Framework has built-in stored procedures to handle data cleansing, but you may be able to meet some of these requirements by using data transformations in your source adapter.

For more information, see Chapter 3, "Determining Your Migration Strategy," and Chapter 6, "Cleansing Data," in the Microsoft Business Solutions CRM Data Migration Framework Guide.

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