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CRM 3.0

The following table describes the release history for the Microsoft CRM SDK.

Release New and updated topics Description of changes
Version 1.4, July 2003 Security Model A topic about Security Best Practices has been added. In addition, there have been minor security updates throughout the SDK.
  Application Integration The content from the Microsoft CRM Sales for Outlook Customization SDK has been added.
Version 1.3, May 2003 Supported Customizations New topic.
  Pricing Methods New topic.
  Data Migration New topic.
  Microsoft.CRM.Proxy Enumerations


The discussion about when to use Microsoft.CRM.Proxy versus Microsoft.CRM.Flags enumerations has been revised.
  Workflow Reference The schema diagrams have been enlarged. Also, information for the Create Incident Action has been added.
Version 1.2, April 2003 Microsoft.CRM.Proxy Classes Example code has been completed for all application programming interface (API) methods.

Base class information has been added to all classes.

  Object Schemas Object schema files have been updated to be XSD-compliant.
Version 1.1, February 2003 Microsoft.CRM.Proxy Classes Placeholders for C++ and Microsoft Visual Basic® examples have been removed on all reference pages.
  Microsoft.CRM.Flags A Value column has been added to tables in the Microsoft.CRM.Flags namespace.
  Upload or Download an Attachment to a Note Sample code has been added in the "How To" section to show how to upload and download attachments.
  Application Integration A link to a technical article about making your customizations look like the Microsoft CRM user interface has been added.
  Workflow Reference The topics "Steps", "Rules", and "Conditions" have been reformatted for clarity.
  Workflow Reference "See Also" links have been added to all sub-topics in this section.
Version 1.0, January 2003   Initial release.

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