Platform (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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The [Platform] section in the information (.inf) file determines the target platforms on which your application can be installed, based on a combination of platform and version numbers that you specify.

You can use this section as a way to refine the valid platform types that are specified in the [CEDevice] section, such as configuring this section to prevent the associated .cab file from installing on any platforms other than the one that you specify.

Note   When using a [Platform] section in an .inf file, you must specify the /platform command-line parameter when you call the CAB Wizard. Otherwise, the CAB Wizard ignores all [Platform] sections when processing the .inf file.


String that identifies a valid target for the associated application.
Numeric value specifying the platform version.


If you created multiple [Platform] sections and want to create a .cab file for each, pass the string that you used as the label name for the selected platform to the CAB Wizard as the string for the /platform command-line parameter.

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