CRM 3.0

This section contains an overview of the architecture that composes Microsoft CRM. Microsoft CRM is a Microsoft .NET-connected CRM product suite that provides sales force automation and customer service for mid-sized businesses.

In general, there are four physical layers within the Microsoft CRM architectural "stack," as illustrated in the following figure. These are the presentation, application, business or domain logic, and data management layers. The last two layers comprise what you use in the Microsoft Platform SDK. For the purpose of this document, the data management and data store layers are combined into a single tier, although they are separated physically by virtue of existing in separate process spaces. Microsoft CRM relies on Active Directory®, the Microsoft® Windows® operating system directory service, and on two external Microsoft applications to perform additional processing. Active Directory is used for identifying security principals, roles, and groups within the product. Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server is used for sending and receiving e-mail messages. Microsoft SQL Server™ 2000 is used as the data storage mechanism.

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