Options Dialog Box: Debug Tab (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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This tab includes the following items.

Hexadecimal display
Select to display values in hexadecimal format and parse user input in hexadecimal format in all debugger windows and dialogs.

When using the debugger in hexadecimal mode, you can enter decimal numbers using the prefix 0n (zero-n); for example, 0n1000.

Use to type the beginning address for the block of memory to be displayed.
Use to select the display format for memory contents.
Reevaluate expression
Use to dynamically evaluate an expression entered in the Memory window.

For example, select this option if you want to enter a pointer and have the memory window display the address pointed to even when the pointer changes.

Do not select this option if you want the pointer to be evaluated once and the Memory window to continue to point to that address even when the pointer changes.

Show data bytes
Select to display data as raw bytes as well as in the chosen format.
Fixed width
Select to display memory contents in a fixed-width format.

Enter the width in the textbox on the right.

Width units are determined by the format selected above.

For example, if you choose Short and set the width to 4, each row in the Memory window displays four short values.

Source Annotation
Select to display source code within listing assembly-language code.
Code bytes
Select to display the bytes corresponding to each assembly-language instruction.
Select to display symbolic names (such as CMyApp::OnMyEvent) for addresses in the Disassembly Window.
Parameter values
Select to display values passed to each parameter for each call shown in the Call Stack window.
Parameter types
Select to display type information for each parameter for each call shown in the Call Stack window.
Frame Pointer
Select to display frame pointer information in the Call Stack window.
File name
Select to display the file name in the Call Stack window.
Display Unicode strings
Select to display Unicode-format strings for debugging international programs.
View floating point registers
Select to display contents of floating-point registers in the Registers window.
Load COFF & Exports
Select to enable the debugger to load COFF-format debugging information, or DLL Exports when debugging information is not available.

Selecting this option can affect debugger performance when loading the application to be debugged.

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