Options Dialog Box: Compatibility Tab (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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This tab includes the following items.

Current source editor emulation
Use to see available editor emulations.

Select the editor emulation you want from the standard Platform Builder text editor (equivalent to Visual C++ 4.0 and later), the Visual C++ 2.0 editor, or the BRIEF® or Epsilon™ editors.

When you choose an editor from this list, the text editor emulates the key bindings, text selection characteristics, and most editing commands of the selected editor.

The default editor is Platform Builder.

Check or clear the check box to modify the following compatibility options and their settings for the selected editor emulation.
Compatibility optionDescription
Disable backspace at start of linePrevents the joining of lines when using the BACKSPACE key.
Enable copy without selectionEnables the copy command to copy the line where the cursor is placed.
Enable line-mode pastesPastes previously copied lines into the text above the current line (and not at the cursor position).
Enable virtual spaceAllows the cursor into locations that do not currently contain text.
Include caret positioning in undo bufferRetraces previous caret positions using the Undo command.
Indent separate paragraphsParagraphs usually are defined as lines of text between white space.

When you use paragraph commands such as ParaDown and ParaUp, this option treats any line beginning with a tab character as a new paragraph.

Protect read-only files from editingWhen selected, a warning sounds when you try to edit a read-only file. To edit that file, you must remove the read-only attribute.

When this is not selected, you can edit the file, but when you try to save the file you are warned that it is read-only and asked to save it under a different name.

Use BRIEF's regular expression syntaxApplies BRIEF regular expression syntax to your selected text editor.

If you selected BRIEF emulation, BRIEF regular expression syntax is available already.

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