Platform Builder Wizards (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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Microsoft Platform Builder provides a set of wizards in the integrated development environment (IDE) that enable you to create a BSP, workspace, project, and SDK.

You can also use a wizard to add Catalog items that you create to a Microsoft Windows Installer (.msi) file for export and use by other Platform Builder developers.

The following wizards are included in the IDE:

  • BSP Wizard Overview

    Enables you to create, clone, and modify BSPs you can use as the target for OS designs. You can also use the wizard to create global drivers that do not depend on specific BSPs.

  • New Platform Wizard Overview

    Enables you to create a workspace in the IDE that can contain OS designs and related projects and files, and which you can use to create a run-time image for download to a target device.

  • New Project Wizard Overview

    Enables you to create and customize a project for use in workspaces or for inclusion in the OS tree.

  • Export Wizard Overview

    Enables you to select third-party Catalog items for export to an .msi file that other Platform Builder developers can use to add the items to the Catalog on their development workstations.

  • SDK Wizard Overview

    Enables you to create, customize, and build an SDK for use by application developers.

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