This function disables a currently enabled overlay on the specified volume, committing the current level if fCommit is TRUE, and discarding all overlays if fCommit is FALSE.

BOOL EwfMgrDisable(
  HANDLE hDevice,
  BOOL fCommit


[in] Handle to the EWF-protected volume.
[in] If TRUE, the current overlay is committed before the protection is disabled. If FALSE, all overlays are discarded and protection is disabled.

Return Values

If the function succeeds, the return value is TRUE. If the function fails, the return value is FALSE. Call GetLastError for extended error information.


The overlay is disabled on the next restart.

This function is supported on both disk and RAM overlays. However, on a RAM overlay that does not have an associated EWF overlay store keeping track of its protection settings (that is, registry-described RAM overlays), the fCommit flag must be set to TRUE, or the disable fails.


OS Versions: Windows XP Embedded.
Header: Ewfapi.h.
Link Library: Ewfapi.dll, Ewfapi.lib.

Code Example

The following routine(s), which are included in the EWF API Code Sample (Sample.cpp), demonstrate how to use this function:


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