Creating a Master Run-Time Image for Cloning

After the run-time image is configured for cloning, resealed, and ready for deployment, create a master image of the run-time. The master run-time image is used to deploy onto your devices. You can use any backup method to create your master run-time image, from creating a CD-ROM to saving it to tape.

To create a master run-time image for cloning

  1. Create the master run-time image by backing it up to an archival media, CD-ROM, or tape.
  2. After the master run-time image is created, copy the master run-time image to your devices.
  3. Boot the device and allow the First Boot Agent (FBA) phase to run. After the FBA phase completes, the target is ready to be deployed.
Note   If you have a system with two or more physical drives, the cloning tools remove the STORAGE\VOLUMES and reinstall them on the next boot if the cloned drive is not the one that contains the Master Boot Record (MBR). When this happens, the partition letters for the drives are reversed.

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