SDI Manager

SDI manager enables you to manipulate disk image (.sdi) files offline. To use Sdimgr.wsf, type the following syntax in a command prompt.

sdimgr [[[volume]path]filename] [/? | /h | /help] [/q] [/nologo] 
[/devicemodel:model] [/devicerole:role] [/runtimeguid:guid] 
[/runtimeoemrev:rev] [/check] [/dump] [/new] [/pack[:alignment]]
[/stamp] [/create:type,attribute,size] [/delete:type]
[/export:type,filename] [/import:type,attribute,filename]


volume and path
Specifies the location of an .sdi file within the path of the volume.
Specifies the file. Wildcard characters, such as the asterisk (*) and the question mark (?), are not allowed.
/?, /h, or /help
Displays a list of command-line options for this tool.
Quiet mode. Suppresses output.
Suppresses displaying the banner.
Updates the DeviceModel field in the file header.
Updates the DeviceRole field in the file header.
Updates the RuntimeGUID in the file header.
Updates the RuntimeOEMRev in the file header.
Performs a file integrity check.
Displays header, table of contents, and use. Performs integrity check.
Creates a new file. Overwrites existing files.
Packs the file by removing free space and moves the binary large object (BLOB) of type BOOT to first BLOB position. Aligns the file to the new alignment, if specified.
Attempts to automatically stamp the file header based on the content of Weruntime.ini found in a DISK-type BLOB.
Creates a new BLOB of specified type and size with specified attributes within the file. The size value must have the character m appended to the end.
Deletes the BLOB of specified type.
Copies the content of a BLOB of specified type to a file with a specified file name.
Creates a new BLOB of specified type with specified attributes by importing a file into the BLOB.


The following example shows how to display the header and table of contents.

sdimgr c:\dir\file.sdi

The following example shows how to update a binary large object.

sdimgr c:\dir\file.sdi /delete:type /import:type,attr,blob.bin

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