DirectShow Application Development (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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DirectShow® for Microsoft® Windows® CE is a middleware architecture for playing back streaming media. This section of the documentation provides conceptual information related to creating DirectShow applications.

In This Section

Getting Started with DirectShow
Provides an introduction to DirectShow programming and fundamental information.
DirectShow Architecture
Contains extensive information describing how DirectShow works.
Writing DirectShow Filters
Contains an extensive guide to writing DirectShow filters including examples.
DirectShow C++ Class Library
Contains a general description of the DirectShow class library for filter developers.

Related Links

DirectX Media Objects
Contains guide and reference information for data-streaming objects that can be used by a wide range of applications, including applications that are not based on DirectShow.
DirectShow Security
Contains security information for OEMs and application developers to consider when using DirectShow.
DirectShow Registry Settings
Contains information about the registry settings specific to DirectShow.
DirectShow Reference
Contains reference information for DirectShow application developers.
Provides additional information about DirectShow

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