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This property contains the state of the Windows Media Player operation.

Compatibility: Windows Media Player

[ lState = ] MediaPlayer.PlayState


Long value indicating the play state. It can have one of the following possible values.
Value Visual Basic constant Description
0 MpStopped Playback is stopped.
1 MpPaused Playback is paused.
2 MpPlaying Stream is playing.
3 MpWaiting Waiting for stream to begin.
4 MpScanForward Stream is scanning forward.
5 MpScanReverse Stream is scanning in reverse.
6 MpSkipForward Skipping to next.
7 MpSkipReverse Skipping to previous.
8 MpClosed Stream is not open.

This property is read-only.


Retrieve this property to determine the status of an open clip. Checking this property from a script after an asynchronous operation has been started will produce erratic results until the asynchronous operation has been completed. The asynchronous operation will be complete when the ReadyState property equals 4.

If the value of the SendPlayStateChangeEvents property is true, Windows Media Player control fires a PlayStateChange event each time the PlayState property changes.


OS Versions: Windows CE 3.0 and later.

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