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This structure contains information specific to an NM_CUSTOMDRAW message.

typedef struct tagNMCUSTOMDRAWINFO {
  NMHDR hdr;
  DWORD dwDrawStage;
  HDC hdc;
  RECT rc;
  DWORD dwItemSpec;
  UINT uItemState;
  LPARAM lItemlParam 


Handle to an NMHDR structure that contains information about this message.
DWORD that specifies the current drawing stage. It is one of the values in the following tables.

The following table shows the global Drawstage values.

Value Description
CDDS_POSTERASE After the erasing cycle is complete.
CDDS_POSTPAINT After the painting cycle is complete.
CDDS_PREERASE Before the erasing cycle begins.
CDDS_PREPAINT Before the painting cycle begins.

The following table shows the global Drawstage values.

Value Description
CDDS_ITEM Indicates that the dwItemSpec, uItemState, and lItemParam members are valid.
CDDS_ITEMPOSTERASE After an item has been erased.
CDDS_ITEMPOSTPAINT After an item has been drawn.
CDDS_ITEMPREERASE Before an item is erased.
CDDS_ITEMPREPAINT Before an item is drawn.
Handle to the device context for the control. Use this handle to perform any GDI functions.
RECT structure that describes the bounding rectangle of the area being drawn. This member is used with the header, toolbar, ToolTip, and tree view common controls.
DWORD that specifies the item number. This value is control specific, using the item-referencing convention for that control. Additionally, trackbar controls use the following values to identify portions of control.
Value Description
TBCD_CHANNEL Identifies the channel that the trackbar control's thumb marker slides along.
TBCD_THUMB Identifies the trackbar control's thumb marker. This is the portion of the control that the user moves.
TBCD_TICS Identifies the increment tic marks that appear along the edge of the trackbar control.
Specifies the current item state. It can be a combination of the following values.
Value Description
CDIS_CHECKED The item is checked.
CDIS_DEFAULT The item is in its default state.
CDIS_DISABLED The item is disabled.
CDIS_FOCUS The item is in focus.
CDIS_GRAYED The item is grayed.
CDIS_HOT The item is currently under the pointer (hot).
CDIS_SELECTED The item is selected.
Application-defined item data.


OS Versions: Windows CE 2.0 and later.
Header: Commctrl.h.

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