Memory Usage Tool

Memory Usage Tool

Windows CE .NET

The Memory Usage tool (Memtool.exe) displays information about kernel memory usage. This tool runs within the Windows CE Console Debug Shell tool (Cesh.exe), using the -s parameter.

memtool [kernel | full]


Lists kernel information.
Lists full memory information.
No parameter
Lists summary memory information.


The following code example shows how to use Memtool.exe.

memtool kernel 


In the full memory information listing, the memory map is shown with a character that represents each page of memory being used. The following table shows the definitions that are used to describe each page.

Character Definition
- Page reserved
C Code executing from ROM
c Code executing from RAM
S Stack
P Unknown Page Frame Number (PFN)
W Read/write data
O Object store
r Read-only data from RAM
R Read-only data

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