Load CEPC Tool

Windows CE .NET

The Load CEPC tool (Loadcepc.exe) provides two functions:

  • Loading and booting an OS image on a CEPC.
  • Copying files from a development workstation to a CEPC.

In conjunction with the Autoexec.bat file and Eboot.bin, Loadcepc.exe allows you to do the following:

  • Easily enter and modify the values for IRQ, I/O base address, and static IP address in the Autoexec.bat file.
  • Use the Loadcepc /L switch to pass additional parameters to the FLAT display driver to set arbitrary resolutions.
  • Use the bootable floppy disk more reliably on different types of DHCP servers.
  • Support improved PCI bus enumeration on the CEPC.
  • Use static IP addresses to boot a CEPC when a DHCP server is not available to automatically provide IP addresses.
  • Download an OS image from Platform Builder.

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