Preparing to Build a Project

Windows CE .NET
  1. Choose the FileView tab on the Workspace window.
  2. Choose Set Active Project on the Project menu, and then select a project.
  3. Choose Set Active Configuration on the Build menu, and then select a configuration.
    Note   If your final OS image size is estimated to be at least 32 MB, you must enable an OS image size that is larger than 32 MB. For more information, see Enabling an OS Image Size Larger Than 32 MB.

    When you change the settings for a project, these changes apply only to the active configuration you select in the Project Settings dialog box. If you select a different active configuration when you build the feature or associated platform, these setting changes will not be incorporated into the build.

  4. Choose Settings on the Project menu, and then verify that all the tabs in the Project Settings dialog box display the correct settings.

    Once the settings are correct, you are ready to build your feature.

  5. Choose OK to proceed with the build.

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