Modifying the Registry by Editing Project.reg

Windows CE .NET

To modify the registry for a platform that is open in the Platform Builder IDE, you can edit the Project.reg file. The following procedure shows where to find the Project.reg file and how to open the file.

To open the Project.reg file

  1. In the Workspace window, choose the ParameterView tab.
  2. Expand the <Platform name> parameters node.
  3. Expand the C:\WINCE420 node.
  4. Expand the node that matches the name of your BSP.

    For example, if you are using the CEPC BSP, then expand the CEPC node.

  5. Expand the Project Specific Files node.
  6. Right-click Project.reg, and then choose Open.

After you open the Project.reg file, use the following procedure to edit the file.

To edit the Project.reg file

  • Add text to the file in .reg file format. For more information about .reg file format, see Registry File.

The following code example shows how you can add information about a registry key to the Project.reg file.

; Configure TCP/IP for the private interface, Subnet1 
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Comm\<Private Network Interface Name (Adapter 1)>\Parms\Tcpip] 

After you edit the Project.reg file, use the following procedure to save changes to the file.

To save your changes and close the Project.reg file

  1. From the File menu, choose Save.
  2. From the File menu, choose Close.

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