Determining Which Features Are Included in a Configuration

Windows CE .NET

After you have created a platform in Platform Builder, you can determine which specific features are included in your configuration. Knowing which specific features are included helps you determine what modifications you can make in your configuration before building your run-time image.

To determine which features are included in a configuration

  1. From the File menu, choose Open Workspace.
  2. Select the .pbw file for the workspace that contains your platform, and then choose Open.
  3. If the Workspace window is not displayed, from the View menu, choose Workspace to display the window.
  4. In the Workspace window, choose the FeatureView tab.
  5. To view the features in your configuration, expand the nodes in the feature tree.

    The features included in your configuration are grouped by category, using the same structure as the Catalog. The features are also differentiated by different icons for each object type. For more information about icon object types, see Object Icon Types.

When you have familiarized yourself with the features that your platform contains, you can begin modifying your platform before building the run-time image. For more information, see Platform Modification and How to Check the Dependencies of a Feature.

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