Thin Client Security (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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Because Windows CE is not designed for a multi-user environment and there is no consistent method to lock out non-users, saving the password and leaving the device unattended poses a serious security risk. Therefore, autologon has been disabled by default. If autologon is not a serious risk for your environment, you can define the WBT build variable WBT_USEAUTOLOGON to allow the device to save a logon password from a session, and then recompile the WBT source code.

For more information about security issues that can affect a Windows Thin Client, see the following topics:

Default Registry Settings

You should be aware of the registry settings that impact security. If a value has security implications you will find a Security Note in the registry settings documentation.

For information about Windows Thin Client registry settings, see Thin Client Registry Settings.

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