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Thin Client Registry Settings (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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The registry stores information necessary to configure the Thin Client for applications and hardware devices. The registry also contains information that the operating system continually references during operation.

By default, the Windows Thin Client design template includes the correct Catalog items. You change these settings to customize the thin client.

You can change the device registry settings in the following ways:

  • Before building the OS design and downloading the run-time image, modify the Project.reg file. For more information, see Modifying the Registry by Editing Project.reg.
  • After downloading the run-time image, use the Remote Registry Editor. Using the Remote Registry Editor changes the image registry, but the changes are not persistent to the registry files in Platform Builder. The next time you download the run-time image, you must configure the registry again. For more information, see Remote Registry Editor.

You can configure the Terminal Services Client and printers in the registry. For information, see Configuring the Terminal Services Client and Configured Printers in a Thin Client.

Note   Do not add new printers by adding registry settings. Registry settings for installed printers are provided for your convenience. For information about how to add a printer, see Configuring a Printer in Thin Client.
The default registry values vary depending on which Catalog items are included in your OS design. For more information, see Default Registry Settings.

The following topics document how to further customize your Thin Client using the registry:

Configuring Client Information in Thin Client

Configuring Screen Savers in Thin Client

Configuring Filtered File Storage Redirection

Configuring the Keyboard in Thin Client

Configuring the Thin Client Startup Behavior

Configuring the Windows Thin Client Shell

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