Downloading the CEPC IP Phone Run-time Image to Another CEPC (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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To test calling from one instance of the IP phone run-time image to another, you must download and run the run-time image on two different CEPCs. This topic explains how to run a second instance of the IP phone run-time image on another CEPC.

To copy an existing IP phone run-time image to another desktop computer and download the run-time image

  1. On the desktop computer you used to create the run-time image, navigate to the nk.bin file in %_WINCEROOT%\PBWorkspaces\<workspace name>\RelDir\CEPC_x86_Release.

    You created the workspace name in Creating an IP Phone Run-time Image for a CEPC. The nk.bin file contains the complete run-time image in a format suitable for downloading and running on a CEPC.

  2. Copy the nk.bin file to the second desktop computer, and then start Platform Builder on this second desktop computer.
  3. To open the run-time image on the second desktop computer, from the File menu, choose Open and navigate to the location of the nk.bin file that you copied in Step 2.
  4. In the Files of type box, choose Kernel Files, select nk.bin, and then choose Open.

    The Platform Builder instance on the second desktop computer is now ready to download the run-time image — it is in the same state as the instance on the original desktop computer was immediately before you configured the download connection and downloaded the run-time image.

  5. Download the run-time image to the second CEPC. For detailed instructions, see Downloading a Run-Time Image to a CEPC. You have already configured the download connection — when you followed the instructions twice in Step 2 of How to Create a Default IP Phone on a CEPC.

When you finish downloading the run-time image to the second CEPC, you will have two CEPC instances, both running the IP phone run-time image.

You are now ready to test the phones. For detailed instructions, see Testing the IP Phone.

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