AYGShell Functions (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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The following functions are only available with the AYGShell.

Programming elementDescription
SHChangeNotifyDeregisterThis function turns off a window's ability to receive file change notifications.
SHChangeNotifyFreeThis function frees a file change notification structure.
SHChangeNotifyRegisterThis function enlists an application for receiving change notifications.
SHCloseAppsThis function tries to free up memory for an application.
SHCreateMenuBarThis function creates a menu bar at the bottom of the window.
SHCreateNewItemThis function creates a new item programmatically, as if an item were chosen from the global New button menu.
SHDoneButtonThis function allows applications to dynamically show or hide the OK button based on the state of the application.
SHEnumPropSheetHandlersThis function is not implemented.
SHFindMenuBarThis function is used to get a handle to a menu bar window created with SHCreateMenuBar.
SHFreeContextMenuExtensionsThis function releases memory allocated for context menu processing.
SHFullScreenThis function is used to take over certain areas of the screen.
SHGetAppKeyAssocThis function determines if a navigational control is mapped to an application.
SHGetAutoRunPathThis function searches for the first storage card and construct the path that is used to look for an autorun file.
SHGetEmergencyCallListThis function is not implemented.
SHGetInputContextThis function is not implemented.
SHHandleWMActivateThis function is used to help manage the input panel and your application.
SHHandleWMSettingChangeThis function is used to help manage the input panel and your application.
SHInitDialogThis function resizes a dialog box to accommodate a software input panel.
SHInitExtraControlsThis function initializes parameters for the CAPEDIT and RES file-based ToolTips controls.
SHInputDialogThis function is used with an input dialog box.
SHInvokeContextMenuCommandThis function invokes a command from a context menu.
SHLoadContextMenuExtensionsThis function loads the context menu extensions from handlers listed in the registry for the specified context-class pair.
SHNavigateBackThis function is not implemented.
SHNotificationAddThis function adds a notification to the notification tray.
SHNotificationGetDataThis function gets the data for a notification.
SHNotificationRemoveThis function removes a notification.
SHNotificationUpdateThis function updates aspects of a pending notification.
SHRecognizeGestureThis function is used to recognize pauses in stylus movement.
SHSetBackThis function is not implemented.
SHSetAppKeyWndAssocThis function assigns a window to receive a particular hardware button's key-press messages.
SHSetInputContextThis function is not implemented.
SHSetNavBarTextThis function sets the title text in the taskbar.
SHSipInfoThis function queries the shell for information about the input panel and input methods.
SHSipPreferenceThis function requests a state for the input panel.

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