Telnet Server Input Options

Windows CE .NET

The Windows CE Telnet sample enables you to enter information through a command line, as if you were running the command prompt (cmd.exe) on your device. This is useful for administering devices that do not have a display. You can use any of the built-in commands for cmd.exe when running Telnet. These commands include copy, del, and dir. You can also run any executable program that does not create a Windows–based user interface (UI) through a Telnet client.

The Telnet sample in Windows CE supports the following input options:

  • You can use the UP and DOWN keys to cycle through previously typed commands.
  • You can delete all of the contents of the current line by using the CTRL+U key combination or the ESC key.
  • The Telnet implementation in Windows CE .NET and later supports the HOME and END keys.
  • The Telnet implementation in Windows CE .NET supports the BACKSPACE key.
    Note   Windows CE does not support the CTRL+C key combination for escape sequences.

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