Building a Platform

Windows CE .NET

After you configure your platform, you can build the platform using the Platform Builder integrated development environment (IDE).

Before you build your platform, you must select an active configuration. The active configuration specifies your target board support package (BSP), CPU, and debug or release OS image. On the Build toolbar, the Select Active Configuration list shows available configurations.

Note   If you copy your platform from one development workstation to another, only the configurations corresponding to the CPUs installed with Platform Builder are available on the second development workstation.

When you change the settings for your platform, your changes apply to the active configuration selected in the Platform Settings dialog box. If you select a different active configuration after you change the settings for your platform, your changes are not incorporated into the build unless you make the changes a second time before building the platform.

To build a platform

  1. If you have not already chosen an active configuration for your platform, from the Build menu, choose Set Active Configuration. Select an active configuration, and then choose OK.
  2. From the Build menu, if you want to build only the files that have changed since the last build, choose Build Platform.

    – or –

    From the Build menu, if you want to build all of the files in the platform, choose Rebuild Platform.

    Note   To stop the build process, from the Build menu, choose Stop Build.
  3. Verify that your platform is building by observing the output messages in the build window in the IDE.

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