Configuring LASS (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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This section includes specific instructions for the system administrator responsible for configuring a device to use the Local Authentication Subsystem (LASS). For general information , see Local Authentication Subsystem (LASS).

In This Section

Installing a LAP
Contains instructions for installing a LAP for use with your device.
Setting an Active LAP
Contains instructions for setting the active LAP for LASS to use.
Installing an AE
Contains instructions for setting an authentication event (AE).
Setting an AE Policy
Contains instructions for setting the policy for an AE.
Customizing StartUI or Control Panel to use LASS
Provides information on integrating LASS into the Shell through StartUI or Control Panel.

Related Sections

Local Authentication Subsystem (LASS)
Describes the LASS infrastructure that enables application-independent and authentication mechanism-independent user authentication.
LASS OS Design Development
Provides general information about LASS modules and creating a custom LAP. For Windows CE, Sysgen variables are also defined.

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