Local Authentication Plugin (LAP)
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Local Authentication Plugin (LAP) (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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An authentication mechanism that plugs into LASS is called a LAP. A LAP is typically created by an original equipment manufacturer to enable application-independent authentication of users to a Windows CE-based device. Windows CE furnishes a default password LAP that you can choose to set as the active LAP. However, you can create a custom LAP, as required.

Each LAP supports a type of user enrollment. For example, if a user needs to set a password to be authenticated, your LAP should support enrollment with passwords. If a user must tell the OS which finger will be used for authentication, you will need a LAP that supports enrollment with fingerprints. For more information about creating your own LAP, see Creating a LAP.

For more information about the LAP samples., see LASS Samples.

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