Adding a Feature from the Catalog

Windows CE .NET

With Platform Builder, you can add a feature to your platform from the Catalog. You must have already created a platform in order to add a feature from the Catalog.

To add a feature from the Catalog

  1. From the View menu, choose Workspace, and then choose the FeatureView tab on the Workspace window.
  2. If the Catalog window is not already displayed, choose Catalog from the View menu.

    - or -

    Choose the Catalog button on the Standard toolbar.

  3. Choose a feature or feature group in the Catalog.
  4. Press the left mouse button while dragging the feature or feature group into the FeatureView window.

    - or -

    From the Platform menu, choose Insert, and then choose Selected Catalog Feature.

    - or -

    Right-click the feature and select Add to Platform on the shortcut menu.

  5. Verify that the new item appears in your FeatureView window.

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