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Wceload Tool

Windows CE .NET

The Wceload tool (Wceload.exe) runs on your target device. You use this tool to install or uninstall the cab file from a location that you specify. If you do not specify a location, the cab file will be installed or uninstalled in the default location, which is the Program Files directory on your target device.

wceload [/noaskdest | /askdest | /delete <number>] <cab file location> 


Specifies that the user is not prompted for the installation directory.
Specifies that the user is prompted for the installation directory.
/delete <number>
Specifies how Wceload removes the cab file after installation.
Value Description
0 Does not remove the cab file.
1 Removes the cab file. This is the default value.
2 Treats the file as chuck blocks of data, and dynamically deletes them.
cab file location
Specifies the location of the cab file to install or uninstall.

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