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The Sysgen Capture (Sysgen_capture.bat) tool creates Sources files for public drivers that you want to modify and build in your platform directory. Normally, these driver modules are dynamically generated by the build system during the link phase of the Sysgen process. When Sysgen_capture.bat is run, it captures the internal dependency information that the build system uses, and it generates one new sources file for each dynamic-link library (DLL) or executable (EXE) target that is created while you are performing a Sysgen.

Note   Sysgen_capture.bat only works on Sysgen targets that are DLLs or EXEs.

When Sysgen_capture.bat is run, it performs an internal call to Nmake_capture.exe instead of Nmake.exe. Nmake_capture does not interact with the rest of the build system, and simply captures sources file information and writes it to a file. For information about building the Nmake_capture utility, see Using the Sysgen Capture Tool.

sysgen_capture [-p tree] NmakeTarget


-p tree
Runs Sysgen.bat in the specified project. If no project is specified, Sysgen.bat runs in the Common project, which builds the Windows CE core features.
Specifies the module to build. You can specify more than one target.

For more information on using the Sysgen Capture Tool, see Using the Sysgen Capture Tool.

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