LASS OS Design Development (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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Security services in Microsoft Windows CE 5.0 include the Local Authentication Subsystem (LASS). LASS provides the infrastructure that supports application-independent user authentication, consistent authentication regardless of the local authentication plugin (LAP) that is used, and policy-based authentication using authentication events (AEs).

In This Section

LASS Overview
Provides OS design information and describes LASS modules. For Windows CE, Sysgen variables are also defined.
Local Authentication Plugin (LAP)
Defines a local authentication plugin (LAP) and its use by LASS.
Authentication Event (AE)
Defines an AE and its use by LASS.
Comparing LASS and Password Authentication
Compares LASS authentication to password-based authentication in earlier versions of Windows CE.
Master Key Protection in LASS
Provides high-level information on master key protection in LASS.
LASS Exponential Backoff
Describes LASS exponential backoff, a mechanism that can be optionally enabled if a LAP is vulnerable to brute force attacks.
Creating a LAP
Provides information that is necessary to create a custom LAP.

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