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Shared Source Others Directory (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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The following table shows the contents of the Others directory, which contains functionality included with source code for Windows CE.

DirectorySysgenDescriptionBuildableCode type
ATLSYSGEN_ATLActive Template Library (ATL) for Windows CENot supportedPublic
DotnetSYSGEN_DOTNET.NET Compact FrameworkNot supportedPublic
MFCSYSGEN_MFCMicrosoft Foundation Classes (MFC) for Windows CENot supportedPublic
Samples ATLNot applicableATL samplesNot supportedPublic
Samples MFCNot applicableMFC samplesNot supportedPublic
WCETKNot applicableWindows CE Test KitNot supportedPublic

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