CeBackup Tool

CeBackup Tool

Windows CE .NET

With the CeBackup tool (Cebackup.exe), you can back up and restore Windows CE library files (LIB) that Platform Builder ships. If you do not have a license that permits you to ship private code, this tool gives you the ability to customize the libraries during the platform development process, and then restore the original libraries before releasing your product.

By default, CeBackup backs up all LIB files under %_WINCEROOT%\Public. Backup files are stored in directories that correspond to their original location. For example, files in %_WINCEROOT%\retail are backed up to %_WINCEROOT%\retail.CEBACKUP. If your development workstation has compression-enabled NTFS, the backup directory will be compression enabled.

With the parameters, you can specify which directories should be searched for LIB files. This limits the scope of the backup, as a complete Platform Builder installation contains approximately 20 GB of LIB files.

cebackup [backup | restore | erase] [-cpu cpu] [-cur | -dep deptree | directory]


Copies the LIB files from the original installation directory to a backup directory.
Copies the LIB files from the backup directory to the original installation directory.
Erases the LIB files in the backup directory.
Searches LIB files for the specified CPU type only. This is optional.
Searches LIB files for the current deptree only. The current deptree is determined from the current working directory. This is optional.
Searches LIB files for the specified deptree only. This is optional.
Searches LIB files in the specified directory and its subdirectories. When this is set, then neither -cur nor -dep can be specified. This is optional.


The following code example shows how to back up LIB files for the x86 microprocessor, under the deptree in %_WINCEROOT%\Public\Common.

cebackup backup -cpu x86 -dep common

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