/H - Restrict Length of External Names (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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This option restricts the length of external names.


The number field accepts an integer specifying the maximum number of significant characters; the compiler considers only the first number characters of external names in the program. The program can contain external names longer than number characters, but the compiler ignores extra characters.

Use the /H option with tools that impose limits on the length of external identifiers. Without the /H option, the compiler imposes no limit on the length of external identifiers.

However, other tools that operate on the object files generated by the compiler, such as linkers, may impose limits. The limit on length includes any compiler-generated leading underscore (_) or at (@) sign.

The compiler adds a leading at (@) sign to names modified by __fastcall calling conventions; it also appends argument-size information to names modified by the __fastcall and __stdcall calling conventions and adds type information to C++ names.

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