/Fp - Specify Precompiled Header (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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This option gives extra control over the name of the precompiled header .pch file. You can use it with the /YX, /Yc, and /Yu options to specify a .pch file name that is different from the default.


The following code example causes the compiler either to use a precompiled header named Mypch.pch, if it exists, or to create the file, if it does not exist.


If you want to create a precompiled header file for a debugging version of your program, and you are compiling both header files and source code, you can specify a command such as:


This command assumes the existence of a hdrstop pragma in Prog.cpp and creates a precompilation of all code up to the hdrstop pragma. The precompiled code is stored in a file called Dprog.pch.

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