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Edit Menu Options (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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The options on the Edit menu enable you to work with files and source code.

The following commands are available.

UndoUse to undo the last command called.
RedoUse to repeat the last command called.
CutUse to remove the selection and move it to the clipboard.
CopyUse to create a copy of the selection.
PasteUse to add a selection to the active document, beginning where the cursor is located.

This command is available only if you have already used the Cut or Copy commands.

DeleteUse to remove the selection from the active document.
Select AllUse to select all text in the active document.
FindUse to search for a term in the active document.
Find in FilesUse to search for a term in all files.
ReplaceUse to replace one term or selection with another.
Go ToUse to jump to a location in the active document.
BreakpointsUse to edit breakpoints in source code files.

For information, see Breakpoints Dialog Box.

Source Path MappingUse to edit source path mapping for source code files.

For information, see Source Path Mapping Dialog Box.

Symbol Search PathUse to specify search paths for symbols.

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