Windows CE .NET Test Kit

Windows CE .NET Test Kit

Windows CE .NET

The Microsoft® Windows® CE .NET Test Kit (CETK) is a tool that you can use to test device drivers that you develop for the Windows CE operating system (OS). The CETK incorporates a collection of command-line tests into a graphical user interface (GUI). The test tools in the CETK support the CPUs and hardware reference platforms that Windows CE supports.

The CETK uses the Tux test harness, Kato logging engine, device driver loader, and Tux extender technologies to create and run test cases. For more information, see Tux Test Harness, Kato Logging Engine, and Device Driver Loader and Tux Extender.

You can also run a custom test using the CETK. A wizard leads you through the process of running a custom test on your Windows CE-based device. For information about adding a custom test to the CETK, see Adding a Custom Test to the CETK.

Note   You can install source files for the tests that ship with the CETK. The source files are provided to assist you in debugging your device drivers and to assist you in creating custom tests for the CETK. Some of the source files are not buildable, and source files for certain tests are not provided.
You can install the CETK source files from the Setup wizard for Windows CE .NET 4.2. To install source files from the Setup wizard, on the Custom Setup page, select Shared Source for Windows CE .NET 4.2.

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