Block Drivers (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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Block device drivers read or write data to block devices in fixed-size blocks. Block devices do not allow you to read or write individual bytes of data. Common block sizes are 512 bytes, 1 kilobyte (KB), 2 KB, and 4 KB. Block devices are ideally suited for mass storage and persistent storage applications, such as disk drives or nonvolatile RAM disks.

Some common types of block devices are hard disks and Advanced Technology Attachment (ATA) flash memory disks in miniature card, PC Card, and Compact Flash card form factors.

In This Section

Block Driver Development Concepts
Explains the basic development concepts for block drivers, including how to configure your driver to interface with the file allocation table (FAT) file system and file system driver (FSD) Manager.
Block Driver Samples
Provides the location for block driver samples.
Block Driver Registry Settings
Provides the default registry settings for block drivers.
Block Driver Reference
Provides reference information for block drivers.

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