XXX_Write (Device Manager) (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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This function writes data to the device.

  DWORD hOpenContext,
  LPCVOID pBuffer,
  DWORD Count 


[in] Handle to the open context of the device. The call to the XXX_Open (Device Manager) function returns this identifier.
[out] Pointer to the buffer that contains the data to write.
[in] Number of bytes to write from the pBuffer buffer into the device.

Return Values

The number of bytes written indicates success. A value of –1 indicates failure.


After an application uses the WriteFile function to write to the device, the operating system, invokes this function.

Device Manager uses the XXX prefix as a placeholder. When implementing the stream interface, replace XXX with a prefix appropriate for your specific implementation or use undecorated entry point names in conjunction with DEVFLAGS_NAKEDENTRIES. For more information about other valid Flags values, see ActivateDeviceEx.


OS Versions: Windows CE 1.0 and later.
Header: Developer implemented.
Link Library: Developer implemented.

See Also

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