Creating an OS Design with the New Platform Wizard (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0

You can create and configure your OS design using the New Platform Wizard. Through a series of interactive dialog boxes, the New Platform Wizard allows you to perform the following tasks.

  • Choose a preconfigured BSP.
  • Select a base design template for your OS design.
  • Select some initial OS Catalog items.

After you choose your initial settings, the New Platform Wizard sets up the environment with files that support the OS design based on the design template you selected.

The Catalog items included in your OS design depend on the design template that you select.

You can build any of the following:

  • A system with only a kernel and little more
  • A system with a complex graphical user interface (UI) and preinstalled applications
  • A system with a kernel and some, but not all, of the available interfaces and applications

For information about all included Windows CE OS design templates, see Design Template Selection.

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