Run-Time Image Build Process (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0

In Platform Builder, you can begin the build process to build a run-time image based on an OS design from the integrated development environment (IDE) or from a command prompt. Run-time images, typically called Nk.bin, are binary files created by the Romimage tool. For information, see Romimage.

The following list shows different elements of the build process:

  • Build Phases
  • OS Design Configuration Files
  • Build Tasks
  • Custom Build
  • Build Configurations

Typically, when you build a run-time image from a command prompt, this is accomplished by calling the Build Demo Tool (Blddemo.bat), which initiates the first phase of the build process.

For more information about the phases of the build process, see Build Phases. For more information about the Build Demo Tool, see Build Demo Tool.

For information about the files that Platform Builder uses to configure modules and Catalog items for the run-time image created from your OS design during the build process, see OS Design Configuration Files.

You can customize the build process by performing tasks such as building a localized run-time image, stopping a build, or selecting a build configuration for your run-time image. For more information, see Build Tasks, Custom Build, and Build Configurations.

For information about how to view information about the run-time image and its contents, typically called Nk.bin, see Viewbin Tool.

For information about downloading a run-time image to a target device, see Run-Time Image Downloading Process.

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