Simplified Chinese Input Method
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Simplified Chinese Input Method

Windows CE .NET

Input methods (IMs) are tightly bonded to a related Input Method Editor (IME). Microsoft® Windows® CE .NET provides one Simplified Chinese IM, which is described in the following table. Other IMs can be created, such as one for PinYin.

IM File name Related IME Description
Shuang Pin Spim.dll Shuang Pin Allows Shuang Pin input. This is double spelling, an advanced phonetic input configuration that requires fewer keystrokes.

When an IM is activated, it causes its related IME to also be activated. However, the reverse it not true; that is, activating an IME will not update the selected IM. If a user changes the current input mode from Chinese to English from within the IME Status Window, the IME will be disabled, but the IM will remain active.

To avoid this inconsistency, you can remove the IME status window from the IME UI module.

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