WinInet Application Development (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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WinInet provides base Internet functionality for Microsoft® Windows® CE-based devices, including support for FTP Client, Autodial, Passport, Internet Explorer 6, and the MSXML parser. The WinInet API handles all communication between the application and Windows Sockets (Winsock), freeing you from the overhead associated with establishing and maintaining the communications session. WinInet for Microsoft Windows CE supports the HTTP and FTP Internet protocols. Windows CE does not support for the Gopher protocol.

Multithreaded applications can make concurrent calls to WinInet functions from different threads. WinInet functions synchronize if necessary, but do not validate parameters.

WinInet supports IPv6. For more information about IPv6, see Core Protocols of IPv6 and IPv6 Addressing.

For more information about the WinInet API and Windows Internet programming, see this Microsoft Web site.

In This Section

About HINTERNET Handles
Describes the hierarchy of the handles created by the WinInet functions.
Using Asynchronous WinInet Functions
Provides information about using WinInet functions asynchronously.
Provides information about how to use built-in caching in WinInet applications.
HTTP and FTP Common Functions
Provides reference information about the functions that are used in HTTP and FTP related tasks.
HTTP Sessions
Provides information about how you can use WinInet functions to handle the HTTP protocol to access resourced on the World Wide Web.
FTP Sessions
Describes the WinInet functions that enable applications to navigate and manipulate directories and files on an FTP server.
Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3P)
Provide information about how you can add cookie handling in your applications.

Related Sections

WinInet OS Design Development
Provides information about replacing a WinInet user interface, the modules and components of the WinInet functionality and Sysgen variables that enable this functionality.
Windows Internet Services (WinInet)
Provides links to topics that contain information about Windows Internet Services (WinInet) support in Microsoft Windows CE.

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