Internet Explorer 6 OS Design Development (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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Internet Explorer 6 for Windows CE is a feature-rich browser control and provides technologies that can be used to build a custom browser for a specific device or market.

In This Section

Internet Explorer 6 OS Overview
Provides information about the modules and components that implement Internet Explorer for Windows CE and Sysgen variables that enable the Internet Explorer functionality.
Internet Explorer 6 Architecture
Provides an architectural overview of the Internet Explorer 6 modules.
Creating and Customizing an Internet Browser
Describes the sample browser application, IESample, that ships with Platform Builder and provides information about how to include this sample browser in the your OS design.

Related Sections

Internet Explorer 6 for Windows CE
Provides links to topics that contain information about Internet Explorer for Windows CE.
Internet Explorer 6 Application Development
Provides information about how a Microsoft Windows CE-based application can use components of Internet Explorer for Windows CE.

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