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Windows CE .NET

The table of contents for Microsoft® Windows® CE .NET Help is organized for specific audiences: OS developers, application developers, and device driver developers.

There are basically two types of Help: F1 Help and documentation that is displayed in the Help browser.

F1 Help is available from specific dialog boxes. Generally, this is context-specific procedural information.

The Help available from the Help menu is more comprehensive than F1 Help. It includes overviews, tutorials, how-to topics, and reference topics. You can find information in this documentation by using the index or search, or by browsing the table of contents.

The following table shows the organization of Help content into nodes in the table of contents.

Node Description
Getting Started Contains tutorials and information to acquaint you with Windows CE .NET and Platform Builder tools. You will also find information on using the product Help.
How-to Topics Contains an overview and links to all how-to topics in the product Help. You will find an alphabetical and categorical list of all the how-to topics.
About Platform Builder Contains information about the development tools you can use to design, create, build, test, and debug a Windows CE-based platform within the IDE. You will find descriptions of the tools and explanations of how to use the IDE to accomplish specific tasks. While IDE procedures are not included in the table of contents, you can locate them by using the index or search. You will also find reference information for various supported microprocessors and the Microsoft C Run-Time Library for Windows CE .NET.
About Windows CE .NET Contains conceptual material for platform developers, OS developers, and some application developers. You will find topics on interacting with the OS and Catalog-selectable OS features. You will also find information about each feature's relevant registry key settings, dependencies, environment variables, and implementation considerations.
Platform Development Contains information on creating a Windows CE .NET device, migration, board support package (BSP) development, and platform element creation.
Application Development Contains documentation for application developers on application development features. You will find descriptions of the application programming interface (API) elements exposed by each feature and explanations of how to use them.
Driver Development Contains architectural and implementation information about Windows CE–based device drivers. You will find descriptions of how drivers are loaded and unloaded, the level of hardware support provided, and sample drivers.
Glossary Contains terms used throughout the documentation.

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