IMultiLanguage (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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This interface provides methods for character set conversions, code page detection, and the retrieval of information on code pages, locales, and character sets. This interface and its methods are supported on all Windows CE-based operating systems that include Mlang functionality.


The following table shows the methods for this interface in alphabetical order. Like all COM interfaces, this interface inherits the methods for the IUnknown interface.

ConvertStringConverts the given source string from the source code page to the destination code page.
ConvertStringFromUnicodeTranslates the source Unicode string to the specified multibyte code page.
ConvertStringToUnicode Translates the source string from the specified code page to Unicode.
CreateConvertCharsetCreates a charset Conversion object and retrieves its corresponding IMLangConvertCharset interface.
EnumCodePagesCreates a Code Page Enumeration object, initializes it with the value specified with grfFlags, and retrieves the corresponding IEnumCodePage interface.
EnumRfc1766Creates a Locale Enumeration object and retrieves the corresponding IEnumRfc1766 interface.
GetCharsetInfoRetrieves the MIMECSETINFO structure corresponding to the specified character set name.
GetCodePageInfoRetrieves the MIMECPINFO structure corresponding to the code page specified in uiCodePage.
GetFamilyCodePageRetrieves the family code page identifier value corresponding to uiCodePage.
GetLcidFromRfc1766Retrieves the locale identifier (LCID) value corresponding to the given RFC1766-conforming name.
GetNumberOfCodePageInfoReturns the number of code pages for which there is information available on the system.
GetRfc1766FromLcidRetrieves the RFC1766-conforming name that corresponds to the given LCID.
GetRfc1766InfoRetrieves an RFC1766INFO structure that corresponds to the given LCID value.
IsConvertibleChecks if the charset conversion from the source code page to the destination code page can be performed.


This interface provides access to three interfaces: IEnumCodePage, IEnumRfc1766, and IMLangConvertCharset. Calling these enumeration and conversion interfaces can provide information more efficiently than repeatedly calling the methods for the IMultiLanguage interface.


OS Versions: Windows CE .NET 4.0 and later.
Header: Mlang.h, Mlang.idl.
Link Library: Mlang.dll.

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